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If you're on the internet much, you probably know what this is: you take a picture every day for a year and post it on a blog or some such. I'm trying again this year (I forgot until now since my fiancé was in town). I'm adding two rules to make it easier:

1. I can only take one picture a day, not several to choose from (except on days I'd take more anyway, like any events I might go to).
2. I'm going to [try to remember to] post the pictures once a week, each Saturday or Sunday. They'll each get their own entry. Having to hook my camera up to my computer every day killed it for me in the past.

Some people place other restrictions on themselves like no editing, but I'm not. Editing is fun.

We'll see how long I make it this year.

Sometimes I might write a sentence or two about other things I did in a day, sometimes not. It depends on how noteworthy I deem them, or how much I remember, or maybe just what I feel like saying.

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