Monday, January 30, 2012

January 28


Good luck figuring that one out.

January 27


I went to Michaels and bought a knight rider for Alphonse. But the rider wasn't made for the horse, so they have miscommunications and Alphonse is tossing him off.

January 26


My swords leaning against the wall

January 25


These are the kids I babysit Wednesday evenings. I asked them to make crazy faces.

Bonus photo: I made this cinnamon roll recipe with gluten-free flour. They look pretty gross in this picture, but they tasted like cinnamon rolls, just with a different texture. They looked more appetizing in person.


January 24


My headset sitting on my desk after a Skype conversation with my fellow

January 23


My mom got me these gluten-free crackers. Is a Glutino a gluten-free Mexican?

January 22


I think this picture is pretty self-explanatory.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 21


My friends Travis and Rachel got married this day. They looked picture-perfect and their reception was sweet. I enjoyed hanging out with a couple of friends at it. I started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix instant-view that night and by the time I went to bed I was so tired I didn't take a picture. So what you're seeing is from the day before, a picture of my sister's bridesmaid dress (which she looked great in!) after I created the straps and put them on.

January 20


My puppy (my 15-year-old puppy) in one of the few spots she can fit in my room right now because of the empty boxes waiting to be packed. I didn't get everything on my to-do list for the day finished, but at least the most pressing was accomplished - making and attaching straps to my older sister's bridesmaid dress for a wedding the next day (and I did a couple of loads of laundry and watched the next episode of Merlin on the Syfy channel, which is of course very important ;-).

January 19


I had a long day. An orthodontist appointment in which I learned I need braces, running some errands, and waiting an hour for the company my mom and I called to come unlock the car after we left the keys in it. Their fee was rather ridiculous. Then I came home and watched a pretty awful movie (Green Lantern) with my family, read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in bed for a while (I don't understand why the series is so popular but I'm finishing it), and went to sleep early (for me. Which was between midnight and 1:00).

January 18


My hair looks pretty long when it's wet.

Bonus photo: I was enchanted by the way the light was hitting this book and fake rose on one of my shelves.


January 17


A picture I took of a picture I took. That's Kilvarough, my favorite horse at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

January 16


January 16 is Appreciate a Dragon Day, so I took a picture of my dragon, who I named Loki after the nickname of a character in a story I'm writing.

I reminded myself why I put the one-picture-a-day limit on this project by taking several and having a hard time choosing which one to use. Here's an extra so you can see the rest of him. He's pretty cute.


January 15


I went to Winter Jam with my younger sister. Figuring out where we could sit was very frustrating and the Phillip's Arena staff was unfriendly and not very helpful. Not to mention we had to throw away the box of granola bars and three water bottles we bought because they didn't allow food or drinks in. But it was good to see Skillet and Sanctus Real again and Peter Furler for the first time (especially since I saw Newsboys after Michael Tait replaced him). This was during Skillet's set. I'm glad they got a nice long one.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14


I forgot to take a picture until I was about to go to bed. So all you get is the stack of boxes my fiancé brought me for the gradual transport of my stuff to his house over the next few months.

January 13


You know that thing that goes around Facebook where the poster makes something for the first five people who comment on it? I was excited to see my talented friend Ruth do it, and she made me an awesome pair of fingerless gloves that arrived in the mail this day.

January 12


Enjoying a musician in The Prancing Pony in The Lord of the Rings Online. A and I made a lot of progress with wedding prep so I indulged in playing for a few days. It's a pretty good stress-reliever.

January 11


Sitting on my dusty desk are friends who keep me company while I'm on the computer.

January 10


I went to see MI4 with my older sister and a couple of friends. It was as good as the first and third (better than the second).

January 9


Color spotting is widely viewed as disgustingly amateurish. Sometimes I do it anyway.

I went out with my mom to get estimates for re-sizing my engagement ring (which is a half-size too big) and go to Bath and Body Works at a mall to restock the soap I use (normal soap aggravates the eczema on my hands more quickly).

January 8


I went to Garden Ridge to look at fake flowers and found a Prince Caspian movie storybook with some great pictures of the costumes for $2.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7


I'm thinking of making my own wedding cake, so I made half a recipe of cake today to 1) try a recipe for marshmallow fondant and 2) see how well the gluten-free flour works. It was an interesting experience (I'd never worked with fondant before). The decorations were just for fun. 

January 6


My parents, older sister and I went to check out the only wedding venue Alex and I found online that looked like it had a lot of potential (in our price range). It turned out to be really nice, exceeding my expectations. I booked it, though it wasn't available until a little over a month after we were aiming for. It's nice to have the extra time to work on costumes and I'm relieved to have a venue. Venue-hunting has been the most stressful part so far.

I watched Super 8 with the family that evening. It was pretty good, interesting until the last half hour.

January 5


The smaller of my bookshelves, now mostly empty.

January 4


The last day of Alex's most recent visit, we took some snapshots. We packed up most of my books, picture frames, and a few other odds and ends to begin the gradual moving of my stuff to North Carolina, and watched Tim Burton's Batman and a few episodes of Stargate (SG-1).

January 3


Alex and I hung out with a group of Clean Place members - some of my best friends (then went to JoAnn, registered at Target, registered at, and watched Stargate).

January 2

Missed it. Fiancé and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, and had a photography consultation, and probably watched Stargate.

January 1


My older sister, fiancé and I set off shiny stuff at the very beginning of 2012.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 365

If you're on the internet much, you probably know what this is: you take a picture every day for a year and post it on a blog or some such. I'm trying again this year (I forgot until now since my fiancé was in town). I'm adding two rules to make it easier:

1. I can only take one picture a day, not several to choose from (except on days I'd take more anyway, like any events I might go to).
2. I'm going to [try to remember to] post the pictures once a week, each Saturday or Sunday. They'll each get their own entry. Having to hook my camera up to my computer every day killed it for me in the past.

Some people place other restrictions on themselves like no editing, but I'm not. Editing is fun.

We'll see how long I make it this year.